Trees have their stories.They confide to us a part of their tale—as annual rings, grain, and branch signatures.Who they are and what they’ve experienced.No two are alike.Individually and authentically they introduce themselves.It’s something ASTAL Furniture has always appreciated.Have a story told to you in your home.


Going back to the original Balkan word for dining table, ASTAL is established in Berlin in 2014 and introduces a collection of exceptional, solid wood dining room tables. Captivated by handling wood, founder Dejan Stanojevic starts his own successful career in his grandfather’s workshop. In the Balkan tri-state he learns through experience the fundamentals of traditional wood-working, which he perfects during years in modern workshops of Berlin. Before long, the native-born Slovenian comes into contact with urban design and drafts his own creations according to a new, individual furniture style.


With a love for detail, ASTAL styles sophisticated solid wood furniture with a use of forms that focuses on the essential:Pure wood and refined interfaces. Above all, the tables SUNNYBOY, BRUNO, and TOMMO evince an extraordinary supporting structure which is made possible only by complex technique.ASTAL focuses on a clear, unpretentious line in design. Its furniture has an effect of urbanity, timelessness, and elegance.

Quality and Production

ASTAL  distinguishes itself through high quality and durability. All pieces are prepared according to traditional craftsmanship from European solid wood and possess a characteristic build.We respect controlled quality and sustainability. Especially dear to us is our choice to purchase from local businesses, where we can handpick the materials ourselves. Each board  is chosen according to aesthetic and authentic aspects, since texture and nuances in color determine the subsequent appearance of the piece that becomes one of a kind. Through all this, we place great importance on handling the original materials with respect.

Our furniture remains alive.